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Hi, I’m Greg Taylor,

and I’d like to show you a bit about what happens when your instrument doesn't work:

For the complete range of wind instrument care, please use the menu above. To see a Detailed Pictorial Description of what happens to your sax while it's here, please use the the Sax menu below.

Sax menu, developed from your quesions:
Hey, what happens when I get my sax :

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School or Band instruments for regular maintenance Click Here

For Questions, or to contact me Click Here

To get work done, please either:


  • If you are in Hamilton New Zealand or surrounding areas, Click Here and we can make arrangements for your instrument to get to me.
  • If you are anywhere else, please put your name, return address and ph# / email address on a piece of paper inside the instrument case(s), and Click Here.

In either case, your instrument(s) will generally be done in a week of being here, Except during school holidays. If you are getting a quote, turn-around times are from when you give the go-ahead.

And below are some interesting horns which were in recently

an A. Sax sax, a Selmer Paris "Cigar-cutter", an English plastic Grafton alto, a Selmer Paris "Ref 54" tenor. And I keep having twins ! (below), 2 Silver Selmer Paris MK VI tenors, and 2 Silver SML altos)


Please read this:

  1. A 12 month guarantee is issued for work carried out, except with some very cheap entry-level instruments, or where the instrument's case is not suitable, is damaged, or missing.
  2. I will contact you if your job will exceed $200, or if I believe the instrument is not worth the expense of repair. Please always supply ph number / email / snail-mail address.
  3. Where handy-man attempts need rectifying, price is double.
  4. I don't do hands-on courses, so you can't watch and wait.
  5. Any instruments not paid for in full by six months after notification of completion will be sold to recover costs. (Please see next point).
  6. I do not retail (buy & sell) but occasionally instruments are sold under some circumstances, such as to recover unpaid repair costs, or where a customer swaps an instrument to pay for another instrument's repairs, and so on. Anything available now is listed Here. Also, if you have an instrument which is beyond repair, I might be interested in buying it for parts, please ask.
  7. Jobs which involve major work will not be undertaken during December, January or February each year because of the extra workload from yearly maintenance of school instruments. The good news is that we have nine other months available to us for these special instruments !!
  8. In all the years I have worked on musical instruments, none have ever gone missing on my watch, or been lost in the post etc. However, if you are concerned about your instrument, I suggest you arrange your own insurance before it leaves your possession. Please see next point.
  9. For security reasons, the land-line phone number and workshop address is never given out. The workshop is not open to the public; if no-one knows where it is, it won't be a target! If you want to get hold of me, click here.